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I’ve been all different shapes and sizes and one thing I have learned is that unless you work on yourself achieving a certain body will NOT bring you happiness.

How am I working on myself?

  1. I took a step back from competing and decided to stop “dieting” for the summer. I am working on learning my body better and eating more intuitively verses following a meal plan.
  2. I am learning to allow myself different food and enjoying it verses it causing me anxiety, self-hatred and stress.
  3. I don’t force myself to train a certain amount of times per week even though I used to think I was super hardcore. Instead I just train when I want to and whatever I enjoy…aka. Legs.
  4. I am journaling and allowing myself to get my thoughts out on paper.
  5. I am reading self-help books allowing me to get more in touch with my mind and spirit.
  6. I am using positive affirmations and focusing on switching any negative thinking I have to positive thinking even if it feels forced.
  7. I am not letting my anxiety stop me from doing things. When I feel it wanting to do so, I acknowledge it and then tell myself I won’t allow it to interfere with my life. I take a deep breathe and force myself to do it anyways.
  8. When I feel overwhelmed or stressed I am working on breathing: allowing myself to breathe into the problem and exhale it out.
  9. I am following my dreams however crazy it may seem to others.
  10. Putting my mental and physical health over the pressure to look a certain way.
  11. I am learning how to stay more present…noticing when my mind shifts to the past or the future and allowing it to get centred.
  12. I am just starting yoga: did my first session yesterday. I want to start with doing it once a week and work from there (realistic goal for me).
  13. I want to start swimming again…even just once per week. I used to love swimming and would swim 5–10km per day. I gave it up due to anxiety, and I am ready to overcome that fear.
  14. I want to learn how to practice meditation.

I am really just scraping the surface of where I plan to get to but we all start somewhere and as long as you START that’s what really matters. Take each day, day by day, be present & enjoy the journey.

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